Forrestfield Flyers was founded in 1981 and comprised of 3 main diamond sports. Teeball for juniors, Baseball and Softball for older juniors and senior players.

Today the Forrestfield Flyers primary focus is Teeball, with pathways into Vic Park Baseball and Western Cobra Softball.

Teeball is a modified sport of baseball aimed at encouraging children of all ages and abilities to develop coordination, respect of others and fun in a competitive and fun team environment with a large focus on family involvement.

This is known as the four ‘F’s of Teeball.

Fun, Fairplay, Fundamental skills and Family Involvement.

Most games are played on Saturday morning,

Subbies and Juniors: (Ages 4 – 10 years old) we aim to play at the Club home ground at 62 Hartfield Road, Forrestfield. Game times are between 8:15am and 10.30.

Seniors, (Ages 11 – 13 Years old) to encourage diversity in games and a little more excitement the club runs a home and away season with other clubs.  Fixtures will be provided when teams are confirmed.

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Western Cobras was established in 2015 aimed bringing Softball and diamond sports back to Forrestfield. Western Cobras Softball run teams for Juniors (Age 11 – 13 years old), Under 15’s Under 17’s and Seniors (17+) mainly in the Winter season with some teams in Summer when numbers allow.

Games are played within Dale Districts at Langford Reserve, however, training is located at 62 Hartfield Road Forrestfield.

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